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Helvetic Warranty offers you personalised insurance solutions for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

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Insurance<br> for smartphone, tablet and smartwatch
Our carefree package offers you and your customers comprehensive security - for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.
A defective smartphone/tablet is very annoying, especially because it is an item that you use countless times every day. Damage can happen quickly if, for example, you accidentally drop your smartphone on the floor. In the case of smartwatches, damage is also often caused by impact. Water damage is also not uncommon with these products. Insurance can be taken out directly with the smartphone, tablet or smartwatch provider. With insurance, your customer can effectively protect themselves against these risks. This prevents the customer from having to bear the high costs of repairs or buying a new device themselves.

Highlights at a glance

Fast repair
We offer your customers a fast repair service. We take care of the smooth handling of repairs with our local customer service.
Offer exchange
We provide an exchange service where your customers receive a new or like-new device of the same type and quality. The device will be dispatched to the desired delivery address.
Generate additional sales and revenue
As a provider, you can generate additional sales and income without any additional administrative effort, as Helvetic Warranty takes care of all claims management.
Thanks to our in-house developed IT system, we are very flexible and can connect B2B partners to our systems quickly and flexibly. We implement projects quickly and efficiently.

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Personalised advice