Comprehensive purchase price insurance for vehicles

Helvetic Warranty offers individual comprehensive purchase price insurance for the automotive industry as a supplement to fully comprehensive insurance.

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Comprehensive purchase price insurance for vehicles
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If the vehicle suffers a total loss due to an accident, theft, robbery, theft, fire, water, etc., both the liability insurance and the customer's own comprehensive insurance will only reimburse the current value of the object. In order to close this gap, purchase price hull insurance can be taken out. This insurance covers the difference between the current value and the original full purchase price of the vehicle. We are providers of comprehensive purchase price insurance. As a reseller or leasing bank, you can offer this service and let us handle it in the background.

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Safeguarding your customers
In the case of vehicles, the difference between the current value and the purchase price can be considerable. Provide your customers with cover with comprehensive purchase price insurance.
Without administrative effort
Damage can be reported directly and quickly via our service centre. As our partner, you have no administrative work because we take care of the entire process.
Reliable claims processing
Claims processing is handled completely and reliably by the Helvetic Warranty service centre.
Local customer service
Our local customer service guarantees a flawless service in four languages: German, French, Italian and English.

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