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Helvetic Warranty is a provider of customised insurance solutions for hearing aids.

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Insurance<br> for hearing aids
Our carefree package for hearing aids offers you and your customers a unique service.
Hearing aids can easily be lost, misplaced or damaged - even theft is not out of the question. As the purchase of hearing aids is associated with considerable costs, customers appreciate a service that enables them to take out insurance for these products. With Helvetic Warranty, providers of hearing aids have the opportunity to offer insurance to their customers. Customers can take out insurance directly with you as a specialist dealer.

Highlights at a glance

Satisfied customer thanks to protection
No worries about costs for hearing aid repairs or new purchases due to loss, etc. With hearing aid insurance, your customer is optimally protected.
Adjustment costs also insured
A replacement hearing aid requires a new fitting. Your customers can also insure the costs for this service. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!
Carefree claims handling for you and your customers
We take full responsibility for the entire claims process. As our customer, you can be confident that the process will run smoothly and lead to a high level of customer satisfaction without any action on your part.
Simple connection
Thanks to our in-house developed IT system, we are very flexible and can connect B2B partners to our systems quickly and flexibly. We implement projects quickly and efficiently.

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