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Helvetic Warranty presents you with customised insurance solutions for furniture.

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Insurance<br> for furniture
Our carefree furniture insurance package offers you and your customers a top solution.
Damage to furniture can happen quickly. A glass of red wine lands on the sofa, nail varnish stains the carpet or the cat leaves its scratch marks on the chair. Damage such as cracks, scratches, chips, dents, broken glass, etc. as well as the complete destruction of a piece of furniture due to external influences are covered by furniture insurance. The insurance can be taken out directly with your furniture retailer. By taking out furniture insurance, your customers can effectively protect themselves against all risks. This eliminates the need to bear the high costs of repairing or replacing a piece of furniture themselves.

Highlights at a glance

Your customer minimises his risk
Your customer does not have to bear the costs of repair or replacement themselves, but has insured this risk thanks to your additional service.
repair service
Helvetic Warranty provides a rapid repair service and efficient processing of all repairs. As the provider of the insurance, you have no further expense.
Additional income without administrative effort
Helvetic Warranty takes care of claims management so that you can generate additional income without having to worry about administration.
Simple connection
Thanks to our in-house developed IT system, we are very flexible and can connect B2B partners to our systems quickly and flexibly. We implement projects quickly and efficiently.

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